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Stone-Age Love

So then was it better in the stone age when all the man had to do was drag a woman into his cave and make wild passionate love….. and they were married.

All the woman needed to tell her that he loved her, was that he touched (or dragged) her in a particular way……it was love. What else could it be?  People that did not like each other, did not touch or drag….and they certainly did not marry each other.  Had nothing to do with each other.

Before thinking minds figured out all the shit about love and lust …and creative ways of bypassing one for the other, keeping up the appearance of one with the other…. buying the cow for the milk….so on and so forth…like evil twins, Love and Lust were born in the same place, but thereafter separately bred and no one was the wiser.

Love and love-making were one and the same. Was life then better for men or for women, or both. Or was it not necessarily better…just simpler.

Is simple then, better or worse?…some of the time?…or always ?….if so, when?

Some days, if the woman decided she was going to be the one to drag, carry, transport, haul her man (maybe she had a little help with the heavy lifting – who knows??) over to the conjugal lair, would that work?  Would it still be as simple…? No?