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If we still ask the question whether we should use environmentally safe methods or not – be it manufacturing cars, plastic water bottles or extracting oil or minerals from the Earth – we are in trouble….!

The choice is really simple. Make it green OR make money.  Manufacturers still choose against green because of the costs involved.  Their accountability is to their bottom line.  Period.  Not to the fact that their profitability comes at a greater cost to the planet.

The idea of organic or bust – is not just a “trendy” thing.

The favored option today is to cut a chunk of operating costs and produce a cheaper product/service in the process.  When it comes to production, everything we do and how we do it – the choice should be between whether to do it organically or not do it at all.  Be it mining, packaging, polished foods and the bane of every environmentalist – plastic bags, plastic bottles that are still being produced…thanks to powerful Industry lobbies .

If our actors like Mark Ruffalo, Matt Damon and George Clooney – whose job is not to monitor these things – can explain clearly, effectively and speak out about Fracking and the Darfur problem, Somali refugees etc.  etc., why do our lawmakers stumble and fall trying to explain them while we spend millions in taxpayers money on government funded “studies” and “research” on what to do.

How are these folks, actors/celebrity asking questions, gathering facts?  Meanwhile what are our elected representatives doing?  Are they (a)seeking answers, (b)pondering the problems or (c)looking for solutions -  in other words, their job?  If so, wouldn’t we at least have found a cure for cancer by now?

What is going on with this role reversal?

The impact of what goes on in one part of the world sooner or later reaches others. So why are we not asking the so-called “political” questions?  Our apathy and preferred ignorance does not bother us.  Nope.  Shame on us if we are not up to speed on last night’s “Family Guy” episode, though.  Go figure….!

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